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An external audit checks all the statements of an organization which makes them valid for the official purposes. Audit check all the reports of the organizations to make them sure that their documents have any kind of issue or not.

Audit is too much vital for a company to run because he will mold their work in an official shape.
If you are opening any kind of company or organization then it would be too much compulsory for you to hire audit firm for the classification and the management of the official records. In simple words the audit is the pillar of the whole organization who hold all the stuffs of the company on his shoulders.

How to appoint audit?
The accounting work need an audit to work. The external audit appointed by any company and then he checks all the bills and accounts of that company which makes their documents officially valid.
The procedure of appointing an audit is that first of all they call all the applicants for the interview and then an experienced person conduct that interviews and analyze that who is capable for that job and who is not. He judge the applicants by their behavior and way to work that how he will do if he will be pushed in a tough situation? Most of the companies hire the experienced candidates that they just come or selected and start their work directly without any kind of training. If they will hire untrained or inexperienced audits then they will invest their time on them and then they will start their jobs. So they prefer on the experienced persons. And during appointment they check the following things in the candidates. An auditor must be member of ICAP and furthermore:
 The experience of the candidates.
 Their work quality.
 Their original documents.
 Their confidence that they can do their job well or not.
 They analyze their mental state to check that how they will perform in any tuff situation.
 Their way to present their project.
 Their background.
All these things are kept in mind about the candidates to select him as an audit.
Purpose to appoint
The auditor is too much pivotal for the companies to verify their documents. The auditor check the transactions and the other processes of the companies to verify that the work is going smooth or not. In accounting services the external audits are too much important for the verification of the work.
Every organization and company have to show their record in a fair way. That’s why the audit is pivotal for that organization which will recheck their documents that they are according to the rules and regulation or not. If they are not then he will report that issues to the seniors or direct to the honors of the company who will solve that issues. So audit should be the part of the organization to run smoothly. The external audits are in demand these days.
Requirements to work
The auditor need a calm and noise free environment in which he will do his job in a well manner. The accounting works are very sensitive that’s why the auditor need to focus on the work with full intention.
He checks all the transactions and withdraws and payments of the company and report that they are going well or there any issue in them. So he demands a special separate room in which he do his job in a well and relaxed way. He will work more efficiently at that separate place. And all the required materials should be availed.
Work report
At the end the auditor report his work that did he get any issue in that work or not. The external audit work to verify the whole payments. He checks all the payments and accounts. And at the end he give his opinion about the whole work that where is any issue or not. If he fined any issue he reports to the seniors that they should solve that issue.

Cost Analysis
The cost analysis is one of the main phenomenon of any organization because the analysis will tell them that their company is in profit or in loss. The costs could be analyzed through many ways. Such as the products are producing in more quantity or their sale is at high level. If the production of the products is high and their sale is not satisfactory it means that the company is in loss. Because due to certain conditions the sales are not performing will and that’s why the company is not performing well. But on the other side if the production rate of the products lower than the sales rate it means the company is performing well and the company is in the profit also.
The cost-benefit analysis is a phenomenon in which the company analyze that how much benefit the company is getting and how much they can earn? Through this process they also come to know that what strategies the company should adopt to maximize their profit rate.
Through CBA they can also come to know that which mistakes are hindering the way to get more benefits. And by removing that they can run their company in a smooth way and can earn at higher level. The issues which are minimizing the profit rate can also be found by this way and can be eradicated. So this phenomenon is too much pivotal for the companies to enhance the efficiency of the company. And the profit could be analyzed by the simple way by comparing the sale rate with the production rate. If the production rate is high it means that the company is not performing well. But on the other hand if the sale rate is higher than the production rate, it means the company is at benefit and performing well.
Requirement of cost analysis
It is compulsory to analyze the cost that the company is performing well or not, the company is at benefit or at loss. So every organization need this phenomenon to perform well. Without this if the company will be at loss they will not come to know that they are losing their money in the business.
And through this they will also improve the efficiency of the company by eradicating all those stuffs which are stopping them to level up. So they will improve their performance by using this method of cost analysis.
Limitations in cost-analysis
This phenomenon is seeking attention due to it’s a lot of benefits but the people are not are of its limitations. The limitations are not actually the big issues if they deal them in a well efficient way. Most of them use this process for just a short span of time and at that time, it perform very well but after that it start showing a lot of flaws. The cost-analyzers should take steps by keeping the future situations in mind. That might be possible that if the company will face any difficulty then what they will do. They just do this phenomenon for short time and after that they get confused that what they should next.
So the cost-analyzers should take steps by keeping in view that how it will perform in the future. That’s why you can remove your limitations by doing the cost-analysis for a long span of time.

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