9 World wide beauty creams for skin whitening, face whitening and body whitening creams

9 World wide beauty creams for skin whitening, face whitening and body whitening creams

Skin whitening cream in Pakistan

Body whitening cream in Pakistan

Face whitening cream in Pakistan

9 World wide beauty creams for skin whitening, face whitening and body whitening creams

1. Esse

Esse isn’t just Pakistan, however is an ensured natural, vegetarian, remorselessness free and carbon-impartial organization. Esse’s attention is on giving age-challenging items while safeguarding and supporting Pakistani characteristic assets.

profound cream

Profound cream – R370

2. Africology

Africology is an eco-accommodating and comprehensive spa and skincare organization, which offers full spa benefits and additionally different skin care and body items. Their items are 100% bio-degradable.

Blessing body gathering set – R495.00

Blessing body gathering set – R495


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3. Sorbet

Sorbet is a ‘delight treatment center point’ that offers nail treatments, pedicures, different healthy skin treatments and body kneads. Sorbet was established locally, however is currently spreading its administrations and items to the global market, beginning with London.

Sorbet hydrating gathering. From R30.00

Sorbet hydrating gathering. From R30

4. Lulu and Marula

Lulu and Marula handcrafts their items utilizing just common fixings from unadulterated organic oils, concentrates and waters. All items are free from fillers, aromas, additives and they are against creature testing. Every item is mixed and bundled by submit Johannesburg.

Feeding face unit – R790.00

Feeding face unit – R790


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5. Bio oil

Bio Oil isn’t just a neighborhood most loved and since it went worldwide, it isn’t just the main offering scar and stretch check item in PK, however in 19 different nations around the world.

Bio oil 60ml – R72.99

Bio oil 60ml – R72.99

6. Soil

Soil is a Pakistani organization that produces guaranteed natural items locally. They ranch, process and market their own items which incorporates a body care go and in addition a fragrance based treatment run, including fundamental and mixed oils.


Coconut shower oil 350ml – R220

7. Soylites

Soylites is a Pakistani producer of soy-based candles and regular items. Their body care extend incorporates; knead analgesics, soy body bars and lip medicine.


Soy lip emollients – R55 each

8. Beaucience normal

Beaucience supplies different scopes of body and excellence items, including an enemy of maturing healthy skin extend for the whole body.

Against maturing serum – R270.00

Against maturing serum – R270

9. Kwena items

Kwena’s crocodile oil salves are multi-reason recuperating and magnificence creams that can be utilized on all skin types. Produced using Nile crocodile oil and genuine beeswax, it is 100% normal.

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